Using Portion Control

Families often gather for informal meals, and they may serve the food in large bowls and platters for everyone to take what they want. This is considered a normal way of life in many cultures, but it could be adding to the issues present in people after a lifetime of unhealthy eating. One way to help family members eat smarter is using portion control. Serving the meal already plated for each member can provide them with the nutrition they need while ensuring they have a taste of every dish presented.

Children are generally started out with their parents giving them controlled portions of their food. This is a normal way of life because small children do not have the coordination to fill their own plates. Sticking with this plan even as they get older and able to manipulate serving utensils could help them learn better eating habits. A child may tend to eat the least healthy food in more quantity when left to their own devices.

It may be more difficult for an adult family member to adjust to portion control. They are often used to making their own food decisions, and they could feel their independence is being taken away. Avoiding this situation by providing a few additional servings of healthy vegetables may alleviate their concerns. If their plate was not full enough when they are finished, they can always take some additional vegetables to help them feel full.

There are many different strategies to helping the family as a whole eat better. Ensuring they are eating the right amount of each food can be done by serving them exactly what they need. It can be difficult for the adults to accept this new method of serving, but there are ways to help them make a healthy adjustment.